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Dentistry for Infants, Children and Teens!

Having a beautiful, confident smile is something everyone deserves, which is why we're dedicated to providing our patients with an exceptional dental experience. We want to give you a smile you'll be proud to share for the rest of your life. »

Welcome to Noonan, Brockman & Pollock D.D.S., Inc.

Did you know your child’s first dental visits set their attitude about seeing the dentist for the rest of their life? That’s why it’s essential for your child to have only positive, fun experiences at the dentist. Dr. W. Patrick Noonan, Dr. Douglas J. Brockman, and Dr. Matthew P. Pollock are passionate about helping young patients achieve great oral health, and teaching them that a visit to the dentist can be fun.

Our pediatric dental team is devoted to our young patients. We love getting to know them on a personal level, and watching them grow into wonderful young adults. Seeing our patients for regular visits, and talking and laughing with them as we catch up on their latest adventures, is a pure delight. We all love what we do: creating healthy teeth and great smiles for amazing children!

Some of the pediatric dental care treatments we offer are:

Noonan, Brockman & Pollock D.D.S., Inc. provides children with an entertaining and safe space in which to receive their care. We work with each child, at his or her pace and level, to teach kids the best way to keep their mouths in great shape. By instilling in them a passion for taking care of their teeth and gums at young age, we know they will have a lifetime of exceptional oral hygiene and a bright, healthy smile.

To schedule an appointment for your child at our Middletown, OH pediatric dental office, please call. We serve patients from Middletown and the surrounding communities, including Lebanon and Springboro. Our doctors and team members look forward to welcoming your child and you to our smile family!



Noonan, Brockman & Pollock D.D.S., Inc. complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.  Noonan, Brockman & Pollock D.D.S., Inc. does not exclude people or treat them differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

Noonan, Brockman & Pollock D.D.S., Inc.:

  • Provides free aids and services to people with disabilities to communicate effectively with us, such as:

  • Qualified sign language interpreters

  • Written information in other formats (large print, audio, accessible electronic formats, other formats)

  • Provides free language services to people whose primary language is not English, such as:

  • Qualified interpreters

  • Information written in other languages

If you need these services, contact Aimee Corwin, Accounts Manager.

If you believe that Noonan, Brockman & Pollock D.D.S., Inc. has failed to provide these services or discriminated in another way on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex, you can file a grievance with: Aimee Corwin, Accounts Manager, 210 S. Breiel Blvd., Middletown, OH. 45044, 513-423-9239, FAX 513-423-4188, You can file a grievance in person or by mail, fax, or email.

If you need help filing a grievance, Aimee Corwin, Accounts Manager is available to help you.

You can also file a civil rights complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights, electronically through the Office for Civil Rights Complaint Portal, available at, or by mail or phone at:

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

200 Independence Avenue, SW Room 509F, HHH Building

Washington, D.C. 20201

1-800-368-1019, 800-537-7697 (TDD)

Complaint forms are available at

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